Average week of a recruiter

24th July 2018 - 15:00

by Chris Eaves

Right, so this is my first go at something like this, so please be gentle with any comments!

We Recruiters seem to get a bit of a bashing on LinkedIn, so I thought I’d give a little insight into the week I have had, and the challenges faced. It might give you some insight into what we do on a daily basis and hopefully change the perspective of those who think we are ‘sharks in suits’. It may not, but we’ll see.

So after a weekend spent with my Wife and Son enjoying the weather and spending Father’s Day at the zoo, Monday comes around far too quickly and it s back to the coal face.

Usually I am in the office by 8am, trying to remember what happened the previous week and planning for the day and week ahead. This Monday was slightly different as I was on the South Coast for meetings with a key client regarding a brand refresh and MSP package we are discussing. I also wanted to meet a candidate on his first day who is starting a key interim role for this client, I try to meet my new starter’s as much as possible.

This is one of my long term clients with a refreshing approach to recruitment. Being invited to meet the Branding team before a brand re-launch does not happen very often but it is testament to how they value their recruitment partners and trust that we will convey their messages to the candidate market, hopefully resulting in excellent candidates being submitted.

This was followed up by a meeting with a couple more of my contacts regarding the MSP package we are putting together and how that will benefit them in the long term. An exciting time for me and the client as we have worked together for many years now and have a fantastic relationship.

Tuesday brings me back to the office and several new requirements to work on including Business Analysts, Cloud Engineers and Golang roles. All have their own challenges, but the team and I were able to sit down and plan our strategy for how we are going to get the best people in front of the client as quickly as possible, whilst maintain our high CV standards.

I am also invited onto several briefing calls with the client help them understand the market and what challenges we will be faced with. This is a candidate driven market right now so anyone we submit will have several opportunities to consider, putting greater emphasis on the time it takes to complete the recruitment process. Luckily for me, my clients are all an understanding bunch, they know their markets and are well informed on how quickly things have to move.

Wednesday and Thursday are heavy resourcing days, working with the team to ensure we have the right candidates in place and that interviews are confirmed swiftly to keep candidate engagement high. Though the roles are challenging, the team come up trumps with some fantastic candidates and we are in a position to book in several interviews.

This has included working through our advert response, which topped 400 in 3 days. Sadly this does mean we can’t feedback to every unsuccessful candidate. I’ve seen a few posts over the years asking why candidates do not get a response when they send their CV in, with number like this, sometimes it is just not possible

I can’t claim it is all work work work though...woven into the week are several strange conversations around the World Cup, pets, children and whether one of the team here looks more like Rita Ora or Kesha….anything to give the brain a break for 5 minutes!

Friday comes around and it is another day on the road for me. This time up to the North West to meet with a client who I have supported for the past 6 years. A great company, always growing and  a really open way of working and the management team who really do want to understand the challenges we face and how we can work together to achieve their goals.

End of meetings and back on the train and the long journey back to sunny East Sussex…with a hard earned beer in hand!

As you can see, the week for a recruiter is pretty varied and we don’t just sit here bashing the phones or replying to emails. Believe it or not, there is a bit more to it.


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